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A farmer receives floods of information through various channels. Events on a local and global scale influence his business operations. Boerderij creates order in the supply of news, filters this information and explains. Objective and knowledgeable content to give the farmer guidance on how to run his business. News served in articles on the website, extensive reports in Boerderij weekly and newspaper and in events, webinars and apps. Content created by an independent editorial team with deep professional knowledge. With a history of more than 100 years, Boerderij is an indispensable knowledge platform for today’s farmer.

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Boerderij as a partner

Boerderij puts you in touch with your target group. Through online and offline reach of the magazine, the website and the newsletter or in direct dialogue during an event. By reaching your target group in a segmented way, your message reaches your audience. Experts guide you in making the right decisions and deploying the right marketing mix. By following movements in the market, Boerderij is constantly looking for novelties to optimally serve the target group through content.


Product Frequency
Boerderij Weekblad weekly
Special Arable 1x/3 weken
Special Cattle 1x/ 3 weken
Special Pigs 1x/3 weken
Nieuwsletters Frequency
Boerderij Vandaag 6x/week
Akkerbouw Weekly
Rundveehouderij Weekly
Varkenshouderij Weekly
Pluimveehouderij 2x / week
Mechanisatie Bi-weekly

Delivery specifications

Boerderij magazine
Boerderij Vandaag


Boerderij organizes several events, such as:

  • Agraricultural Entrepeneur of the year
  • Symposium Superior Pig Health
  • Room to farm
  • AgriMarketing Summit

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