Application drone catalogue

In this catalogue you can find application drones that are currently commercially available.
The catalogue is updated on a regular basis.

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Aero 41 – Agv2

Manufacturer: Aero 41 Ltd (Switzerland)
Product: AGv2
Max payload capacity: 20kg
No. rotors / effective swath width: 6 / 2.5m
Pressure gauge: option
Max flight time (per charge): 20min
Battery capacity in mAh: 18,000 / two batteries
Standard charge time: 40min / fast charge 25min
Recommended retail price: $34,000 (incl. 4 batteries)

Developed in Switzerland by Aero 41, the 17 litre capacity AGv2 is specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements for work in vineyards and vertically growing, added-value crops. Application accuracy has been assessed by Syngenta, the University of Geisenheim (Germany) and Agroscope (Switzerland) and it is approved for use with organic produce.

Equipped with two pumps, it delivers a maximum flowrate of 5.8l/min and pressure up to 8.5 bar – with an option to fit a gauge. Its effective swath width is 2.5m between 3.5-3.5m above the canopy and, for work in vineyards, it comes with TeeJet TXA8001VK nozzles mounted below the rotors.

Control with an Android tablet is via Aero41’s own Mission Control System (MCS) and Mission Planification Software App. Aero41’s AerOS FCS ‘learns’ to maintain the AGv2 at the correct height over the crop during the mission. Once done, this is save and can be repeated infinitely and fully autonomously.

DJI – Agras T16

Manufacturer: DJI Agriculture (China)
Product: DJI Agras T16
Max payload capacity: 16 litre
No. rotors / effective swath width: 4-6.5m
Pressure gauge: no
Max flight time (per charge): 18min
Battery capacity in mAh: 17,500 / 1 battery
Standard charge time: 20min
Typical retail price: $21,500

Chinese giant UAV maker, DJI’s Agras T16, six-rotor drone is proving popular with applicators across the world. Equipped with a quick-change, 16 litre capacity tank it offers workrates of up to 16ha/hr.

Spray rates of up to 4.8 litres/min can be applied via four pumps. Eight TeeJet XR11001VS nozzles are fitted as standard (option XR110015VS). Fitted in pairs and mounted on arms underneath the rotors, they offer effective swath widths from 4m up to 6.5m, at 1.5m to 3m above the crop. A flowmeter automatically controls the output. It comes with DBF imaging radar as wide-angle FPV camera and RTK positioning and can be equipped with granule spreader.

Control is via the DJI Agras App in the remote controller. Compatible with DJI Terra software, this is used to plan and execute applications. It includes AI recognition with a Fruit tree mode and ability to import shape files.

Drone Volt Hercules 20

Manufacturer: Drone Volt (France)
Product: Hercules 20
Max capacity: 16 litre
No. rotors / effective swath width: 3m
Pressure gauge: n/a
Max flight time (per charge): 40min
Battery capacity in mAh: 22,000
Standard charge time: n/a
Typical retail price: n/a

French manufacturer Drone Volt has recently introduced an autonomous spraying package for fitting to its Hercules 20, eight-rotor drone. This comprises a 12 litre capacity tank and foldable 3m wide spray boom, which is integrated onto the existing drone’s chassis.

Spray application is by four rotary atomising nozzles that, it says, produce droplets that are 95-100% identical in size. This helps optimise the uniformity of coverage and distribution and claims to save 30% to 50% in chemicals as well as cut water rates by 90%, compared with standard hydraulic nozzles.

The spray pack, which has its own battery, is linked to the Pixhawk controller by Bluetooth, via a Drone Volt Pilot App on a smart phone and the existing controller provides a range of flight modes. Drone Volt also offers its own training for new operators.

Drone4Agro V16-6a

Manufacturer: Drone4Agro (The Netherlands)
Product: V16-6
Max payload capacity: 50 litres
No. rotors / effective swath width: 16m /18m
Pressure gauge: no
Max flight time (per charge): 10 to 30min
Battery capacity in mAh: 40,000 /2 batteries, up to 4
Standard charge time: 20 min / fast charge: yes
Recommended retail price: $29,000.00-$35,000.00

The V16-6 is designed and built in the Netherlands by Drone4Agro Ltd, which has a six years’ experience in developing large drones, customised to clients’ specific applications. For spraying it has dual diaphragm pumps and eight TeeJet AIXR110015 nozzles (or other options), which are mounted under the propellers at the front. It can apply rates of 5-20 litre/ha at a workrate of 1.5min/ha – or up to 30 ha/hr. Flowrates are adjustable by the operator. A 6m wide body delivers an effective swath width of 15m – as visualized by fluid dynamics software.

Flights are pre-programmed on a laptop-based system with an open source flight controller tailored to work with the UAV and ground station system. This provides flight path planning, data collection and extra safety features that employ a range of sensors, along with double or triple redundant in propulsion and control systems. The UAV returns to the refilling site automatically.

Flying Tractor – Agrodron

Manufacturer: Flying Tractor (Ukraine)
Product: Flying tractor Agrodron
Max payload capacity: 16 litres
No. rotors / Effective swath width: 8 / 6m
Pressure gauge: no
Max flight time (per charge): 15min
Battery capacity in mAh: 22,000 / 1 battery
Standard charge time: 60min / fast: 30min
Recommended retail price: $12,170

The Flying Tractor Agrodron is the result of an idea first conceived by two young Ukrainian engineers back in 2017. The latest, 16 litre capacity model is fitted with four 015 size nozzles, mounted beneath the rotors achieving an effective swath width of 6m at a 4m working height. A single pump can deliver automatically regulated flowrates for applications from 3l/ha to 15l/ha.

Fully autonomous operation is delivered via an Android tablet and the firm’s own software, which the engineers developed by customising existing open source code. The program maps the field and creates a grid and prescription maps.

In auto mode the drone takes off, applies and returns without any operator intervention. The application rate is shown in real time on the controller, which also automatically controls the flowrate to match the speed. A granule applicator and tank is an option.

HSE-UAV – TTA G200-16L

Manufacturer: Beijing TT Aviation Technology (China)
Product: TTA G200-16L
Max payload capacity: 16 litres
No. rotors / effective swath width: 6 / 8.5-10.6m
Pressure gauge: No
Max flight time (per charge): 12-15min
Battery capacity in mAh: 17,000 / 1 battery
Standard charge time:
Recommended retail price: $20,000

Although the TTA G200-16L is a purpose-built spray drone, HSE-UAV has been involved in drone commercial drone sales for a decade and has participated in numerous USDA tests and trials to fine tune its application abilities.

This includes a choice of Lechler 110-01, 110-015, 110-02 nozzles to improve application and cut drift. These are mounted under the rotors with a distance of 1.67m (66in) between the two outer nozzles. Liquid is supplied by two, pumps with an in-line flowmeter automatically adjusting flow from 1.4-5.76 L/min (0.37-1.52gpm).

Control, via an Android device, through the supplied AgriAssist software provides fully autonomous, GPS-assisted, Perimeter, Obstacle Avoidance (front & rear) and Radar-guided Terrain Following operating modes. Flight plans can be built using the standard Google Maps interface or users can import their own maps. It is not yet swarm compatible. HSE provides a choice of in-person or virtual operation training as well as a 24/7 support portal.

Hylio – AG-116

Manufacturer: Hylio (USA)
Product: AgroDrone AG-116
Max payload capacity: 16 litre
No. rotors / effective swath width: 6 / 7.6-9m
Pressure gauge: no
Max flight time (per charge): n/a
Battery capacity in mAh: 22,000 / 1 battery
Standard charge time: 30min
Recommended retail price: about $27,000

The AG-116 is Hylio’s original AgroDrone. Designed and built in the USA, the 16 litre capacity sprayer sits between the between 22-litre, AG-120 and 11-litre, AG-110. It can be equipped with a single pump and electronic flowmeter to supply 8.3l/min or, with a twin-pump system, up to 16.6l/min. Six TeeJet nozzles are mounted on a boom underneath the drone.

All AgroDrones come equipped with RTK capable receivers and operation is via a controller, supplied, which also doubles as a video monitor. Lifetime access to Hylio’s proprietary AgroSol ground control station software is included. As well providing planning, fully autonomous operation and control, it also includes a swarm control facility.

Hylio provides unlimited remote support and its ‘Enterprise kit’ includes a full, 6-8hr training course covering handling and maintenance, precision agriculture knowledge as well regulations and safety.

Leading Edge Aerial Technologies – PrecisionVision / PV35X

Manufacturer: Leading Edge Aerial Technologies (USA)
Product: PrecisionVision / PrecisionVision 35X
Max payload capacity: 16 litres
No. rotors / effective swath width: 6 / 1.2-27m
Pressure gauge: no
Max flight time (per charge): 8-12min
Battery capacity in mAh: 18,000 / two batteries
Standard charge time: 15-18 min / fast charge: yes
Recommended retail price: $24,000.00-$28,000.00

The PV35X is designed and built in the USA by Leading Edge Technologies, which has 35 years’ experience of inventing droplet analysis and application systems. For spraying it has dual diaphragm pumps and six TeeJet TJ110015 nozzles, mounted on a 4.25m wide boom with an effective swath width of 1.2-27m. Flowrate is controlled by software, there is no pressure gauge or transducer.

PrecisionVision flight controller and software is made in the United States and allied countries. Control is via a tablet, compatible with a wide range of file types. This offers autonomous, manual, polygon, path, point flight modes and swarm operation is being developed.

It can change between payload systems in 10mins, able to spread granules up to 27m at speeds up to 29km/h with daily workrates up to 100ha. A 16-litre capacity system applies adulticides with rotary atomisers at flowrates of 100-295ml/min.

Shangdong Unid Intelligent Technology – U16L-4

Manufacturer: Shangdong Unid Intelligent Technology (China)
Product: U16L-4
Max payload capacity: 16 litre
No. rotors / effective swath width: 4-8m
Pressure gauge: no
Max flight time (per charge): up to 12-13min
Battery capacity in mAh: 16,000 / 1 battery
Standard charge time: n/a
Typical retail price: n/a

A domestic competitor to the Chinese giants DJI and XAG, Shangdong has recently started a co-operation with Drone4Agro. This Netherlands-based firm will now supply the CE approved U16L-4 application drone for those looking for a smaller model than its existing, home-built products.

Equipped with a 16 litre capacity tank, the U16L-4 has eight nozzles. These are fitted in pairs, facing forwards and backwards, under each of the four rotors to provide an effective swath width of 4-8m. A dual pump supplies flowrates between 3-8 litres/min with automatic rate control.

It comes with RTK positioning as standard as well as HD video camera. It offers completely autonomous operation via an, unspecified, App on the hand-held controller.

Volocoptor – VoloDrone

Manufacturer: Volocopter GmbH, Germany
Product model name: VoloDrone
Max payload capacity: 200kg
No. Rotors: 18
Pressure gauge: optional
Max flight range (per charge): 30min
Standard charge time: slow charge with exchangeable battery packs
Battery swap time: 5min
Recommended retail price: POA

The VoloDrone is Volocopter’s electric heavy-lift cargo drone, which attracted much attention when it first went on show on the John Deere stand at the 2019 Agritechnica show. Currently being developed in Germany, it has 18 rotors. The 9.2m wide aircraft can carry a 200kg payload 40km and utilises a battery-swap system. Prepared for autonomous flight capabilities it is suitable for applying sprays and nutrients as well as sowing cover crop seed into growing crops.

For spraying it can be fitted with two tanks, a pump, a spray boom and offer outputs of up to 6ha/hr. The VoloDrone is optimised for quick turnarounds and future-focused operations. Outside agriculture, the VoloDrone also finds various applications in the logistics, construction, and public service industries.

XAG – XPlanet Agricultural

Manufacturer: XAG (China)
Product: XPlanet Agricultural UAS
Max payload capacity: 20 litre
No. rotors / effective swath width: 7m (rapid), 4.5m (fine)
Pressure gauge: no
Max flight time (per charge): 13-15min (loaded)
Battery capacity in mAh: 18,000
Standard charge time: 15min (SuperCharge)
Typical retail price: n/a

The XPlanet quadrotor UAV is the latest drone from XAG, China’s other massive drone company, which is challenging DJI in the application sector. It has a 20 litre, auto-fill spray tank and four peristaltic pumps providing automatic flow control to a maximum flowrate of 7.2 l/min. Four rotary atomisation nozzles are fitted below the rotors. For granules it has a 16 litre tank and JetSeed rotating spreader that offers application widths from 2.5m-4.5m.

It comes with a 4D imaging radar front and rear, as well as RTK positioning via 4G phone signal. XAG’s SuperX Pro flight control system operates autonomously according to prescription maps through an App on a smartphone or an ‘intelligent control stick’, which also provides a swarm mode.